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Why invest in Mexico and Puerto Vallarta?

Why invest in Mexico and Puerto Vallarta?

Tradition and exclusive beachfront residential properties

The Mexican beaches experience an explosive residential development, both Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit fight the supremacy of the tourist-residential market of the country, both for the quality and diversity of its offer, as for the attractive and complete tourist service they offer and for the offer Cultural and gastronomic of the area. All this has rewarded fate with great worldwide fame.

Today, according to the firm Lemmus Inver-Mexico Real Estate, between Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit there is an offer of 130 residential projects, unlike the 116 of Cancun-Riviera Maya and the 41 of Puerto Peñasco. For this reason, the annual market value estimated by this prestigious firm is one thousand 225.65 million dollars unlike the 541.3 million dollars in Cancun-Riviera Maya and 593.2 million dollars in Puerto Peñasco, which returns to the first as the destination more important for the value of its residential beach offer.

From anywhere in Mexico or the world we identify a world-class beach tourist destination in the Mexican Pacific, in Banderas Bay: Puerto Vallarta. However, due to its large extension, the bay (the second largest in America) belongs to both Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, and Riviera Nayarit, in the state of the same name, so they are a complementary destination but at the same time they seek to differentiate among them.

By Ricardo Vázquez / Claudia Olguín from realestatemarket.com.mx

Mexico, Emerging Capital

Buying a property in Mexico, whether land or a serviced apartment or a house, can offer good value for money compared to prices in the United States and Europe, although prices in some areas have increased dramatically in recent years. years and care should be taken when evaluating the true value of a property.

Land costs in Mexico can be lower, construction and maintenance are cheaper, the cost of ownership (taxes, utilities) is very low compared to the United States, and while there are 'horror stories' associated with When buying properties (as in all countries in the world), most of all real estate deals are done legally and without problems.

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