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Keep an eye out for what's new in Fovissste: Clearance 10

Keep an eye out for what's new in Fovissste: Clearance 10

With this, Fovissste intends to benefit 16,311 beneficiaries who have paid their credit in a timely manner.

Fovissste will launch the “Settlement 10” scheme. A program that seeks to forgive the debt of 16,311 workers who have paid, without delays, 90% of the financing acquired with the organization.

"A 100% reduction of the unpaid balance will be applied at the time of adhesion to the Program, which must be less than 10% of the amount of credit originally granted," said the Fund.

Do you want to access this fund? Here we tell you how

How to obtain the Fovissste “Liquidation 10” plan

To access this benefit, borrowers must not be beneficiaries of any debt restructuring program, such as a Comprehensive Solution or Total Solution. Also, it should not be a pool financing.

Also, it was emphasized that the workers who are interested must have covered 90% of the credit, considering the unpaid balance with respect to the amount of credit that was financed.

With this, the board of directors of Fovissste established that workers who access the aforementioned scheme, may not be candidates to receive a second loan.

Requirements to qualify:

  • The credit must be current.
  • They must have paid at least 90% of their debt (Unpaid balance with respect to the amount of credit that was granted).
  • The borrower must only have one credit.
  • Not having an accessory credit.
  • The credit must not be in troubled or joint status.
  • That they have not been restructured with another program, nor have they applied to the Integral Solution or Total Solution program.

In addition to this program, Fovissste prepares other programs so that the fund's beneficiaries can restructure their debt from UMAs to Pesos

The first program will be supported by banks. In other words, through this model, beneficiaries with loans in UMAs will be able to change their financing to pesos through a commercial bank with a fixed rate.

The second scheme could be worked internally by Fovissste. With this, discounts of up to 5% are contemplated on the unpaid balance of the credit.

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