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Process your second Infonavit loan with these simple steps

Process your second Infonavit loan with these simple steps

Infonavit offers the possibility of processing a second loan when you have finished paying the first one.

Many people finish paying their mortgage loans while they are still of a productive age, and make the decision to acquire another home with a second financing. If this is your case, here we will guide you step by step to achieve this goal.

Things to consider

  • Infonavit will authorize you a second loan after, at least, six months after having concluded the first loan, this to generate housing points again.
  • Banks have lowered their rates and are offering favorable conditions, after the Covid 19 pandemic.
  • If you get a second loan, you will lose the solvency that you acquired when you finished paying your first loan.


  • The credit amount is calculated based on the term you choose to pay
  • Your ability to pay is also considered for this credit 
  • The second Infonavit loan is granted at a fixed annual rate of 10.9 percent.
  • It cannot be supplemented by federal grants.
  • The titling, financial and operating expenses are equivalent to 5 percent of the loan amount. ·      
  • If you make advance payments, they will be applied in full to principal if your credit is current.

This is the documentation you need

  •  Original birth certificate and copy
  • Valid official identification, such as: INE credential or Passport, original and copy.
  • Seller's bank statement, with CLABE interbank (copy).
  • Electronic Appraisal and Technical Report on the Quality of the Housing, no older than six months. This is processed in Valuation Units.
  • Copy of the title deed of the single house or apartment to be purchased through Infonavit.

Go ahead and acquire your second mortgage loan, with the experience you acquired with the first one is more than enough to settle the second and if you need to resolve any questions, contact us, Bay Realty, to ensure that your credit is on the right track

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