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Save now on water, electricity and gas services.

With these tips you can have savings of up to 80% in your energy consumption and 30% in your water consumption.

Everything is laughter and fun until the receipts for services arrive with amounts that erase your smile even if they tickle you.

It is normal that we get carried away for the moment and leave some light on, that our hot water bath lasts a few more minutes or a comal that is not being used stays a little longer on the stove.

So nothing happens, we will not criticize your lifestyle or impose restrictions; Instead we are going to tell you about some eco-friendly products or appliances that are of great help to take care of your pocket and in general, the planet.

Explore the Green Mortgage products

If you are an infonavit beneficiary and have bought a new or used house, you can now access the Green Mortgage credit when you buy your appliances. The government has arranged this program so that families have access to more sustainable products.

We will quickly explain how it works: If you have a credit amount less than $ 12,400, you can buy any product, but if your credit is greater, you must first buy 4 key products established by the norm.

Whether using your credit or not, there are ways to save in all areas of the home.


Among the basic household services, the largest is usually energy consumption. But this should not always be the case, since you can choose to change your normal bulbs to LED lights. This has a better quality of lighting and could save you up to 85% in the electrical energy consumption of your home.

Home Appliances

The case of appliances is very similar, the bigger the refrigerator or the air conditioner, the more your pocket suffers. And is that a conventional refrigerator can use between 200 and 500 w / h of energy. But one with Inverter technology stabilizes the temperature by having a consumption of more or less a 60 watt bulb.

Additionally, you can also get products such as stoves with regulated and optimized gas output.


And what can we say about the vital liquid? There is a phrase that says "drop by drop, the water runs out" and in an oversight your account becomes huge. But seriously, water is a limited resource on the planet and it is everyone's duty to make a change that can be beneficial to the environment.

For example, a conventional toilet discharges up to 18 liters per flush. This can represent almost 30% of your daily water consumption. By opting for a more ecological one, the weekly savings can be 63 liters.

Another change you can make is to change the sink mixers for single-lever ones or you can use low-consumption showers and at the end of the month you will see the results.

Caring for planet earth is everyone's duty, let us remember that it is the only one we can inhabit, so any change we can make in our consumption habits is important and if you need help to achieve it, you can turn to the credit that Hipoteca Verde has for you.

Stay tuned for the next articles that we will be presenting in this blog, Bay Realty

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