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Privacy Policy


In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties hereinafter referred to as "The Law" this privacy notice is issued in the following terms:


For the purposes of this privacy notice Grupo Inmobiliario Bay Realty Mexico, S. DE RL de CV, (Commercial name Bay Realty Mexico, hereinafter THE AGENCY) with address at Av. Héroes de Nacozari no. 600 int. L-2, Centro Bucerías, Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit, CP 63732, is responsible for obtaining, disseminating, storing, using, handling, exploiting, transferring and / or disposing as well as the protection of personal data collected from its customers (hereinafter the Headlines).


The personal data that THE AGENCY collects from the Holders are, but not limited to, the following: Name, home address, email, age, date of birth, sex, marital status, nationality, telephone number, occupation, RFC, current employment data , copy of official identification with photograph, copy of proof of income, bank references, number of people who depend financially on him, among others.

Your personal data is collected via email or by delivering the documents that accredit the aforementioned data or through data transfers.


THE AGENCY by policy does not request any information that under the law is understood as sensitive data, such as: religion, sexual preferences, political opinions, among others. The company supports and encourages diversity and therefore prohibits any discriminatory act or the request for any information that could imply a discriminatory act. In the event that you provide sensitive data, the company will treat and safeguard it in terms of the law.


The data we collect is intended to: (I) prepare a contract for the provision of services between THE AGENCY and clients to establish the terms and conditions on the promotion of the property owned by the client (II) For the preparation of lease contracts, promise of sale, purchase, transfer, investment projects on the properties promoted by THE AGENCY (III) To carry out any procedure that allows confirming the legal situation of the property promoted by THE AGENCY (IV) To coordinate appointments with prospects at the address of the property owned of the client and promoted by THE AGENCY (V) To exchange information and proposals between the prospect and the client related to the property promoted by THE AGENCY (VI) To investigate the credit and legal integrity of the client (VII) In order to close everything type of real estate transactions between the prospect and the client (VIII) To inform you of promotions, offers and launches (IX) To carry out marketing and prospecting activities, (X) To carry out statistical and market analysis, (XI) To invite you to events (XII) To keep our records updated.

Likewise, the personal data collected may also be used to meet legal requirements of competent authorities.

THE AGENCY is not responsible for the veracity or accuracy of the data that you have provided or have not verified, but only receives, records and keeps them. Likewise, you declare and confirm that you have the express consent of those people for whom you also provide personal information, such as, for example: spouse, common-law wife, economic dependents, relatives, professional references, etc.


It should be noted that in accordance with the law there are cases in which your consent is not necessary for the processing of your personal data, and therefore the absence of it or its refusal, if applicable, does not prevent or prevent THE AGENCY from treating them ( your personal data) in terms of the law and other applicable regulations.


The personal data of the Holders will be treated under the strictest confidentiality, taking care of the administrative, physical and technical security measures that THE AGENCY implements in its internal security policies and procedures, avoiding the possible illicit disclosure of data and limiting its use to what is established in this privacy notice.


At any time you or your duly accredited legal representative, may exercise the rights of access and rectification when they consider that they are erroneous or inaccurate, cancellation in case you consider that the data is not treated properly and opposition in case they do not want that your data be processed for specific purposes. The exercise of one of them does not prevent the exercise of the other and none is a budget for the exercise of another.

To exercise your ARCO rights you must; Submit your application at our address located at the address on Av. Héroes de Nacozari no. 600 int. L-2, Centro Bucerías, Banderas Bay, Nayarit, CP 63732 or send it to our personal data department by email info@bayrealtymexico.com with attention to the data protection department.

The request must contain the following information: (I) name of the owner (II) address and email address to notify the response to the request (III) a clear and precise description of the data for which the right is sought corresponding (IV) the purpose of the request (V) any element that facilitates the location of the data and a copy of its identification must be attached, and where appropriate the document by which legal representation is accredited.

The response period of your request will be 20 business days from the day the corresponding access, rectification, cancellation or opposition request was received. The response will be communicated within the aforementioned period to the email address you provided in your application or by sending a letter to the address provided therein. Once this notification is received, it will have a period of 15 working days to make it effective if it is appropriate.

At any time you may revoke the consent you have given us for the processing of your personal data, in such a way that we stop using them. To do this, you must submit a request in the terms mentioned for the exercise of ARCO rights. The procedure to be followed will be the same as that provided for the exercise of ARCO rights. If your request is appropriate, your data will stop being processed by THE AGENCY.


Your personal data may be transferred to national or foreign third parties if necessary for the fulfillment of the obligations contracted by reason of the relationship with THE AGENCY in the terms of section VII of article 37 of the law.

It is important to inform you that any third party that receives your personal data due to transfers made by THE AGENCY will have the same obligations and responsibilities as we as responsible for your data and that this privacy notice will be communicated to said third party.


Any changes to this privacy notice will be informed through the following means:

  1. By email we will personally send you.
  2. And through advertisements in the visible place of the operational area of ​​THE AGENCY.

In the same way, the Holders are informed that the privacy notice may be modified at any time in order to address new legislation as well as modification of the internal policies of THE AGENCY.

If the purposes for which your personal data are processed are modified, if necessary, your express or tacit consent will be requested again in response to the particular case.

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